Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kananaskis Country-July 2007

We arrived at our Mt. Kidd campsite in the middle of a long heat wave. In the mountains the heat isn't such a problem though, as it gets nice and cool during the night-it was a good place for us to be.
Kananaskis was beautiful of course, the only negative thing was the thunder storm that chased us off the golf course on the 14th hole. That was a bummer-no rain check either, but they still gave us our little 25th anniversary ball markers for 'keeping the pace", which was nice.

This is a doe we shared the resort with:

Walks and Hikes:

Kananaskis Village Trail (not sure if it has another name) - Nice walk around the village and looks over the golf course towards the mountains.

Evan Thomas Trail to Wedge Pond Loop-nice walk, very pretty, not demanding.

Troll Falls-The falls was nice, and it's probably named for the cliff face which is very interesting and fun to climb around. Not my favorite hike though, as it followed access roads and cut lines and there was alot of visible man-mess.

King Creek log walk(unofficial name)-this one's fun-great for older kids. You just follow the creek into the canyon to a kind of dead end. There's no bridges, but you have to cross the creek several times, on logs or whatever. At the end there's the Native prayer ground (I think that's what it is-see the photos) at the top of a grassy cliff, if you're up to the climb. If anyone has any knowledge on these, and can point me to some official information online, please write me.

We went riding at Boundary Ranch. It was a beautiful 2 hour ridge ride with quite steep inclines inches from the ridge in places, and the trail was very rocky. It was slow but with the rough terrain and beautiful scenery I wasn't bored.